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Multi-layer and other Vacuum and Thermo Formed Plastic Products

Component Packaging Tray

* Component Packaging tray able hold a group of delicate parts within a carton or container during shipment and storage. 

* Thermoformed trays can be as simple as an opened, flat-bottom tray or designed and formed to specific shapes for containing individual items.

* Some are designed with covers to protect the parts from shipping damage.

* Component packaging tray are most commonly manufacturer using PVC, HIPS ,PET-G material and transported through an assembly line.

Blister Packaging Tray

* Blister pack is a term for several types of pre-formed plastic packaging used for small item.

* Blister packaging trays are clear plastic blister packs, used in conjunction with a cardboard blister card to keep your product in full view for customer to examine.

* It can be done in material such as PVC, PET and HIPS for applications in consumer products, Electrical/Electronic items, food items, automobile spare parts, etc..

Food Packaging Tray

* Thermoformed food trays can be used for packaging that requires a customized shape. 

* It can be made by clear and black PETE (or PET) which will protect and display candies, cookies, crackers, sushi, celery, frozen dinners, deli meats and cheeses, and a variety of other foods.

* We also offer a complete line of post-consumer recycled APET meat trays designed to enhance the display of freshly packed meats.

* Our trays are suitable for complex multi-layer-material Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to ensure an extended shelf life for delicate and fresh products to avoid the addition of chemical preservatives or stabilizers.

Pharmaceutical/Medical Handling Tray

* These trays can be multi-use or single trip and made from a variety of materials to suit the application.

* Custom thermoformed medical trays secure and protect devices after assembly until practitioner removal. 

* It can organize and orient products for ease of removal and usability by the healthcare practitioner; and maintain device safety and cleanliness after sterilization.

Clamshell Packaging Tray

* A clamshell is a one-piece container made from crystal-clear PVC material joined by a hinge area which allows the structure to come together to close.

* A see-through packaging allows products to be clearly visible and customer can have a complete view inside.

* The design reduces contact by allowing it to be snapped into place, reduce its movement with the plastic encasing the product and indirectly reduce the damages.