U Cable

Headquartered in Taiwan, experienced in high speed cable assembly for more than 25 years.

Specialized design, development and deployment of interconnect technology such as SAS, Mini SAS, Mini SAS HD, SFP+, QSFP+ and CXP.

Our products are given due recognition both by the industrial & sectors such as Electrical Appliances, infrastructure, Industrial, Optical fiber communication as well as other reputable companies.

AW Packaging

Design and manufacture a wide range of specialist packaging for clients across the world.

From supply of packaging to full packaging design, creative artwork, print, production, assembly, logistics and fulfillment we provide a comprehensive packaging.

From the concept stage we can provide prototypes of your packaging utilizing a choice of light to heavy gauge materials; in corrugated, foam and plastics, complete with graphic design and printing from simple symbols to full-color printing. 

FP Plastic

One-Stop Solutions provider for plastic thermoformed products, FP PLASTIC is involving designing and developing customized packaging application for all our customers.

Our customers range from large corporations to small start-up companies. We will provide you a high quality, affordably priced, well-designed product that suits your packaging needs.

We manufacture plastic trays from a variety of materials including PVC, PVC Antistatic, HIPS, HIPS Black Conductive, PP, PETA, PETG….more